2018 iPhone models will not feature an in-display fingerprint scanner


Apple’s new iPhone models are just around the corner. The Cupertino firm will hold a launch event on September 12 where it is expected to announce three new iPhone models. This year’s iPhone lineup includes an iPhone XS, an iPhone XS Plus, and a cheaper iPhone. Rumors regarding 2018 iPhone models have been out there for months, giving us a first look into Apple’s upcoming flagship phones.

Sources say that this year’s iPhone models will take some design hints from the current iPhone lineup. If this is the case, we will have a glass-back design, Face ID, and a curved display. However, reports claim that the cheaper iPhone will stick to the LCD display panel at launch. This makes sense seeing that the phone will target the mid-range segment at launch.

The upcoming 6.1 inch iPhone model will still feature some premium features like Face ID, wireless charging, or much-improved Siri. Sources say that Apple will launch the device in emerging markets like India or China. In 2016, Apple brought the iPhone SE to China and the device quickly received millions of pre-orders.

According to the latest rumors, this year’s iPhone models will not come with an in-display fingerprint scanner. In reality, Apple was previously rumored to adopt the technology prior to the iPhone X release. However, it was nowhere to be found last year. Sources say that Apple has been working on a fingerprint scanner that works under the display. But, the company needs more time to make sure that everything runs perfectly.

Reports claim that Apple will adopt the new security technology on 2019 iPhone models. Apple has been seeking more suppliers of components for its iPhone models. Samsung will continue to provide Apple with millions of OLED panels, while LG Display will be in charge of LCD display panels.

The under-display fingerprint scanner is one of the most anticipated features in the smartphone industry. Apple and Samsung have been working on the technology for years. However, it remains unknown when we will see the unveiling. Sources say that the upcoming Galaxy S10 will feature the technology.

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