AirPods 2 to feature fast wireless charging and surface coating


AirPods were first debuted back in 2016 and received mixed reviews at launch. In reality, the AirPods marked the end of Apple’s traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack on an iPhone. However, the entire industry is following suit. The AirPods allow iPhone owners to listen to music and reply to a phone call, but what sets them apart from their predecessors lies in their physical user interface and Siri integration.

The AirPods are sold separately for $159 in the US, a steep price for wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Apple has not never specified how many the AirPods units have been sold since release, but we are expecting an estimate of 20 million units. Sources say that the AirPods shipments satisfy Apple, which gives it a driving reason to work on the successor.

In reality, rumors and reports regarding the next generation AirPods have been out there for months. We have heard a lot of speculation that the AirPods 2 will come with fast wireless charging. This allows the AirPods to get a full charge within 15 minutes, which is pretty impressive.


While fast wireless charging is useful, one major drawback is that the case will be heavier and bigger than the current model. Besides, it will support Qi chargers on the market. In reality, wireless charging is not new when it comes to Apple devices as it has been part of the iPhone since the days of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Sources say that the new AirPods will also feature a new surface coating, just like the Apple Pencil. This allows the AirPods to sit perfectly in your ears. Besides, the upcoming earbuds will support better Siri integration, hinting at a voice activation feature. If this is the case, you will be able to trigger Siri by uttering “Hey Siri”.

According to the latest reports, AirPods 2 will feature a fitness tracking feature. This seems plausible seeing that Apple filed a patent for biometric sensors which would allow the earbuds to keep track of your workout progress. Tech experts claim that the new AirPods may come with onboard controls, which allows you to control music playback and volume without the need for an iPhone.

Rumors say that the second generation AirPods will be unveiled at a March event. Besides, there will be a new HomePod and a new iPad at the event.

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