AirPods 2 to go on sale on March 29

AirPods 2

Back in 2016, Apple made waves by announcing the AirPods, a new pair of wireless earbuds. The release of the AirPods marked the end of the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack on an iPhone. In reality, Apple’s move was met with controversy, but the fact that the entire phone industry is now following the trend.

Like Apple’s traditional earbuds, the AirPods allow iPhone owners to answer a phone call or listen to music. The biggest difference is that the AirPods feature a physical user interface and Siri integration. This means that you can control your music playback using your voice command.

AirPods 2

It’s been three years since Apple debuted the AirPods and there is no mention from Apple about the successor. Sources say that the AirPods 2 will go on sale on March 29, meaning that Apple will announce it at its March event. Last year, Apple held an education event where it debuted a new 9.7 inch iPad. This year, we are expecting to see a new iPad and a new AirPods. Sources say that the March event will take place on March 25 and it will debut its subscription service. In reality, Apple has been working on its own TV service for years, but it remains unknown when Apple will launch it to the public. Besides, there will be a new iPad mini and AirPower at this year’s event.

For some background, AirPower is Apple’s first charging mat that made its debut back in 2017. It was initially set for 2018 release, but it was nowhere to be found. Sources say that AirPower officially entered production at one of Apple’s facilities in Taiwan. Sources say that the second generation AirPods will feature a number of improvements at launch like a firm grip and a new wireless chip for much-improved Bluetooth connectivity. Besides, they will feature a voice activation, meaning that you can quickly trigger Siri by uttering “Hey Siri”.

When it comes to pricing, we are expecting to see a rise compared to the current earbuds. The reason behind a price hike lies in their premium components. Tech watchers claim that the price will be between $165 and $180 in the US.

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