Apple 2019 iPhone: What we know so far


2018 iPhones are great offerings from Apple this year. However, for some Apple fans, this year’s iPhones are not attractive enough to slash some cash. In reality, Apple needs something special to gain user’s attention next year as the duo XS and XS Max feature the same design language as their predecessors.

2019 iPhones are expected to come with an overhauled design and new high-tech features at launch. In reality, the iPhone X was a giant hit back in 2017 as it marked the biggest design change ever seen on an iPhone, with the addition of OLED displays and the removal of physical buttons. The X remains the most popular iPhone on the market despite the release of its successors.

Sources say that the iPhone XS Max is selling a lot better than the XS on the market. This makes sense seeing that the XS is a small upgrade over its previous model. Ming-Chi-Kuo, an analyst who is best known for his accurate forecasts when it comes to Apple’s new products, says that the iPhone XR pre-orders are much stronger than expected, mainly thanks to its lower price tag. Apple is expecting to ship over 10 million iPhone XR units by the end of the year in an attempt to dominate emerging markets.

While the iPhone XR is not ready until October 26, we have started to hear a lot of rumors regarding 2019 iPhones, giving us a glimpse of what’s coming into the next generation iPhone. For some background, the iPhone XR will hit retail stores in select markets on October 26. Pre-orders for the phone is now live at retailers and carriers.

  1. Names

This year, Apple reverts to its “S” series following months of endless rumors. Apple skipped the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus back in 2017 and went straight to iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Apple’s move aimed to celebrate the 10th birthday of its iPhone, but this year, the S lineup of iPhone models is back with small refinements and huge hardware upgrades. It remains unknown what Apple will call next year’s iPhones. However, tech watchers claim that the 2019 iPhones will be named iPhone XI and XI Max. Some recent reports say that Apple will call its upcoming smartphones “iPhone 12”, which might mark a significant change over the XS and XS Max.

  1. Displays

Apple has its own screen technology called Retina, which offers bright and sharp details. Almost all of Apple’s products now support Retina display out there. Last year, Apple first integrated an OLED display into its iPhone X and retains it on the XS and XS Max this year. Sources say that all future iPhones will feature OLED panels, so we are expecting to see it on 2019 iPhone lineup.


Apple is planning to open up its new facilities in China to meet the huge demand for OLED panels. Besides, the Cupertino firm has been looking for more suppliers for its iPhone components. Samsung Display is now Apple’s sole supplier for OLED panels for iPhone models, with hundreds of millions of units shipped every year.

Sources say that Apple will continue to focus on LCD iPhones next year. That means that we might see the unveiling of the second generation iPhone XR in September 2019. In reality, the LCD display on the XR is beautiful and bright, but it lacks the pin-sharpness offered by OLED technology. Rumors claim that two premium 2019 iPhones will feature 6-inch and 6.5-inch displays respectively. This year, Apple increased the screen size on the XS Max without adding bulk to the device. Meanwhile, the XS has the same 5.8-inch screen size as the iPhone X but is smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus thanks to its smaller bezels.

  1. Hardware

This year, Apple brings the A12 Bionic processor to its iPhone lineup, promising a much-improved performance compared to the A11 chip. The A12 Bionic is the first mobile chipset that’s built using a 7nm process on the market. What makes the A12 Bionic chip stand out lies in its built-in Neural Engine, which is designed for real-time machine learning.


According to Apple, Neural Engine can perform five trillion operations per second, allowing for better AI experience. Rumors say that the 2019 iPhones will be powered by the upcoming A13 processors at launch. It remains unknown what Apple will include in the latest chip, but it promises a huge performance boost over the current A12 processor.

Last month, sources claimed that TSMC will be providing Apple with mobile chips. In reality, Apple and TSMC have been in a long-term partnership as the Taiwanese firm is best known for manufacturing chips for smartphones.

2019 iPhones are expected to make its debut in September 2019. It’s early to tell what’s coming into the next generation iPhone models. If you have got any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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