Apple AirPower wireless charger to launch to the public in September

Apple iPhone is a great mobile device on the market. It’s been more than 10 years since Apple first announced the original iPhone. And, Apple iPhone has changed a lot since then as it is getting bigger in both shapes and sizes.

Last year, Apple announced an iPhone X to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its mighty iPhone. iPhone X is the biggest design change Apple has ever made on an iPhone, with the re-adoption of glass back design and the introduction of OLED display and Face ID.

With the release of iPhone X, Apple first added wireless charging functionality to its iPhone lineup. The adoption of wireless charging allows users to charge up very quickly with a single charge. To facilitate wireless charging, Apple announced AirPower, a charging mat that allows you to charge multiple devices at once.

However, AirPower charging mat has not been out yet, posing a big question among the iPhone user community about when it will launch. Sources say that Apple needs more time to work on its AirPower to make sure things go according to plan.

Sources say that Apple will release its first AirPower to the market in September following months of delay. Tech experts claim that Apple has been working on preventing users from experiencing overheating at launch. If this is the case, the new charging mat will launch to the public alongside 2018 iPhone models.

With the possible release of AirPower, it seems that all iPhone models will feature wireless charging at launch this year. Sources say that Apple’s new AirPower will support a wide range of smartphones at launch. This will put Apple in contention with other rivals on the market.

Apart from AirPower, Apple is expected to release three new iPhone models, including a 6.5 inch iPhone model that replaces the current iPhone X. The 6.5 inch iPhone is rumored to come with never-seen features and a boost in performance.

Besides, there will be a 6.1 inch iPhone model. The device will belong to mid-range segment this year, meaning that it will lack some important features. However, the device will retain wireless charging.

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