Apple announces special edition Beats Solo3 wireless headphones in China

Apple is a big name in the smartphone industry. However, the Cupertino firm is not just about smartphones and Macs as it has been expanding its business for years. In 2014, Apple acquired Beats for $3 billion, making it the largest acquisition in the company’s history. Apple has been rolling out tons of new Beats-branded products since the acquisition, which receives a wide welcome.

Apple is now selling Beats headphones at its retail stores worldwide. Sources say that Apple is now shipping millions of Beats headsets every quarter. The Cupertino firm has been improving its Beats lineup of headphones in recent years in an attempt to attract more customers.


In reality, Apple is facing a lot of competition on the market. However, Beats headphones still shine out there thanks to their premium design and innovative features. Apple today announced a new pair of Beats Solo3 wireless headphones after months of anticipation. We heard a lot of rumors regarding a brand new Beats Solo headphones prior to its official release. Beats Solo lineup of wireless headphones is one of the best-selling products on the market. However, the newly-announced headphones will be available in China only. Apple’s move aims to celebrate the Chinese New Year, but it will release a special edition to more markets in mid-2019.

According to Apple, the new headphones will be priced at $330 and customers can pre-order them now in China. If you live outside China, you can purchase the device at Apple’s website. However, you need to pay customs fees, which are pretty expensive. In reality, the special edition of Beats Solo3 retains the same design from the regular model.

If you are now in China, you can grab the new headphones for just $28 per month for 12 months. Indeed, Apple is now offering a payment plan on its accessories and headphones in China in an attempt to attract more users. Sources say that Apple will launch a new pair of Beats Solo4 at WWDC event this year. Besides, Apple is expected to announce iOS 13, the next version of macOS and Apple Watch Series 5 at the event.

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