Apple has created more than 2 million jobs in the US

According to Apple’s announcement, the company has provided America with a total of 2 million jobs in all 50 states of the United States so far. The data was officially revealed on its website which owns a dedicated job creation page setup.

Among the 2 million jobs offered by Apple, there are approximately 1.53 million employees (often developers) from  App Store. Thanks to that, millions of users in the world now can have a steady income. Since App Store was born in 2008, developers in the U.S. alone have earned $16 billion in revenue, an impressive number.

The number of directly-employed workers by Apple stands at 80,000; whereas, about 450,000 jobs are provided via American suppliers. It comes as no surprise that the majority of these jobs originates from the App store, but what makes you really surprised is that an enormous number of created jobs come from Apple’s manufacturing partners in the country.

Regarding its growth, Apple has seen a 1500% increase in its employee numbers since 1998. In addition, you can have an overview of the main locations of its jobs, according to a state-by-state breakdown of figures from Apple’s website. More interestingly, it has seen a 28x growth in employment outside California since 2000.

With iPhone 8 expected to be unveiled this year,  more jobs will be created in 2017, especially via contract manufacturers. These statistics are updated every year on its official website. Hence, we can’t wait to see how successful Apple was in creating jobs in 2017.

Recently, the Trump administration has put more pressure on the company to manufacture iPhones in the country. Thus, you probably expect more jobs despite the fact that Apple is still some distance away from localizing iPhone production.

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