Apple is seeing a slow iPhone sales in India due to high price


Apple iPhone is one of the most desired phones on the market. Apple releases new iPhones every year in an attempt to keep up with the latest smartphone trend. This year, Apple announced three new iPhones at its September event after months of endless rumors. The 2018 iPhone lineup is expected to boost iPhone sales performance later this year. However, it seems that things do not go according to plan.

Reports say that the iPhone XS and XS Max are seeing a slow sales performance on the market. Sources say that the reason behind XS or XS Max’s lack of success lies in their staggering price tag and small refinements. Apple has not specified how many XS and XS Max have been sold so far, but tech watchers say that Apple has shipped around 8 million models since release. At Apple’s 2018 September event, Apple also unveiled the iPhone XR, a cheaper iPhone that targets emerging markets. The iPhone XR retains some premium features of the XS and XS Max despite its affordable price. However, it still uses LCD display and a single camera at the rear. Apple’s move aims to keep the price in check.


The XR had a good start as it reached 5 million registrations in China. However, reports claim that the demand for the XR is now low on the market. Reports also add that Apple is having a hard time selling the XR in India due to its higher price. In reality, Apple is facing a lot of competition in the Indian market as the Chinese brands like Xiaomi or Huawei now dominate the mid-range segment.

In reality, Chinese smartphone makers are now offering cheap smartphones with crazy specs in the Indian market. Both Apple and Samsung are struggling to compete with Xiaomi and Huawei in India. Earlier this year, sources said that Apple planned to open up new facilities in India to work on its upcoming projects. Besides, future iPhones will be manufactured in India to reduce transport costs. Apple is expecting to ship around 7 million XR units in emerging markets. However, Apple needs to lower the price of its iPhones to attract more users in India or China.

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