Apple Pay now available in Ukraine

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now one of the most used payment services out there. Apple has been gradually expanding its service since the launch day in an attempt to attract more users. Apple Pay allows users to make payments using their Apple devices. One of the best things when it comes to Apple Pay lies in the ability to work with non-Apple contactless payment terminals.

Last week, Apple Pay expanded its payment service to Brazil, allowing users to add their credit/debit card details to Apple Pay to make purchases. Apple officially confirms that their payment service is now available in Ukraine, making it the 27th country to accept Apple Pay.

According to tech watchers, Apple’s payment service now includes support for very limited banks and financial institutions in the country. Tech experts say that Apple has been in talks with a number of different retails stores and local banks to expand Apple Pay’s presence across the country.

With the launch of Apple Pay in Ukraine, Apple will directly compete with Google Pay, which has been available in the country since November 2017. Apple Pay launch in Ukraine does not come as a surprise, as Apple once promised to bring its payment service to the country.

Apple Pay is slowly coming to more markets. Back in October 2017, Apple brought its payment service to 4 new markets, including Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and UAE following months of beta testing. Apple Pay was accepted by a lot of banks and financial institutions in the 4 countries at launch. In Denmark, Apple’s payment service officially hit two major banks in the country, including Nordea bank and Jyse bank. In the United Arad Emirates, Apple Pay arrived in six banks at launch.

During this year’s earnings call, Apple claimed that the company would bring its payment service to more markets, including Poland and Norway. According to Apple, its payment service will hit Poland on June 18, while it remains unknown when the service arrives in Norway.

Apple is facing a lot of competition in the payments service market. Samsung and Google have been slowly expanding their services in recent months.

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