Apple Pencil not working? Here is the fix


Apple Pencil is one of the most advanced styluses you can buy right now on the market. The Cupertino firm has been improving its stylus since day one in an attempt to offer a much-improved user experience. The Apple Pencil is not just about taking notes or stretching your ideas as it now can perform some magic tricks on your iPad.

Back in March, Apple brought its stylus to its standard iPad lineup following months of anticipation. With Apple Pencil support, your new 9.7 inch iPad Pro serves as a great tool for jotting down notes in schools or at work. One of the best things when it comes to the Apple Pencil lies in its markup tools. Indeed, you now can mark up and edit directly in your favorite apps or add annotations to your screenshots.

At this year’s October event, Apple announced a refresh to its stylus, making it faster and smarter. However, there are times when the Apple Pencil becomes a cause of annoyance as it fails to respond. We have heard some of the issues iPad owners are facing with Apple’s stylus out there. In reality, there are several reasons why your Apple Pencil is not working ranging from battery issues to infected apps.

If you are among those people who have been affected by the issue, then we are here to help. In this guide, we will show you how to fix Apple Pencil not working issue. Note that the Apple Pencil is exclusive to the iPad lineup and you can buy it separately for $99. We recommend you update your tablet to the latest iOS version to get a better user experience.

  1. Make sure you now have enough battery life

The Apple Pencil needs to be charged so it can work properly with your iPad. However, it does not have a physical charge indicator or LED light with it. If the Apple Pencil fails to work, then there is a good chance that it is now running low on battery life. Fortunately, you can easily check the battery level on your stylus.


To do this, swipe down from the top of your iPad, then swipe right on the Notification Center to view the Batteries section. If you don’t see the batteries section, hit the Edit button at the bottom and then tap the green Plus button. If the battery shows 0%, then make sure you recharge it.

If you now have a 2018 iPad Pro, then attach your stylus to the magnetic connector at the right side of your tablet (make sure your iPad is in landscape mode). For older iPads, connect your Apple Pencil to an iPad using the Lightning cable to recharge it.

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is now on

Apple’s advanced stylus requires Bluetooth connectivity to stay connected to your iPad or external devices. If the Apple Pencil is not working, then ensure that you have already enabled Bluetooth on your iPad. To check if Bluetooth is now turned on, open the Settings app on your iPad, then tap Bluetooth, and turn on the switch for Bluetooth.


If you cannot turn on Bluetooth on your iPad, then restart your iPad to see if the problem is fixed. To do this, press and hold the Side button until you see the sliders. Now just simply drag the slider to turn off your tablet, and press and hold the Side button again to turn it back on.

  1. Un-pair your Apple Pencil and repair it

If the problem still persists, then the next solution is to unpair your Apple Pencil with your iPad and then redo the pairing process. To do this, open the Settings app on your iPad, then tap on Bluetooth and hit the (i) button on the right side of your stylus. Now just simply hit Forget to complete the task.


Once you are done, repair your stylus with your tablet. To do this, attach your Apple Pencil to the magnetic connector on the side of the iPad Pro. After that, check if the problem is fixed. If not, make sure you read on to find out more.

  1. Make sure you now have a compatible app

There is a barrage of apps released to your iPad, but not all of them support the Apple Pencil. In reality, the Apple Pencil works with a number of Apple’s stock apps like Notes, Pages, Documents, or Safari. However, a lot of third-party apps now lack Apple Pencil support, which is a little bit disappointing. Sources say that Apple has been in talks with app developers so they support the company’s advanced stylus. To check if your app supports the Apple Pencil, open a supported app like Notes and then take notes.


If the problem is still present, then make sure you now have a supported iPad. The Apple Pencil was once exclusive to the iPad Pro, but Apple finally brought its stylus to the standard iPad model, thus making your daily tasks even faster and better.

These are the best solutions that help you deal with the Apple Pencil not working issue. Hopefully, they work for you. If you have got any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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