Apple reportedly launches the next generation iPod Touch


2019 is here and we are expecting to see new products from Apple. Sources say that the Cupertino firm is planning something special this year to attract more customers out there. Reports claim that Apple will launch the next generation iPod Touch this year. In reality, the iPod Touch is a mobile device that can be used as a music player, digital camera, and web browser.

The iPod Touch has not seen a major upgrade for nearly 4 years, which raises concerns that Apple will discontinue the iPod Touch lineup. The iPod Touch is the only iPod product on the market as Apple officially ended support for the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. In reality, Apple was rumored to announce new iPod Touch in September 2018, but it was nowhere to be found.

Tech experts claim that the next generation iPod Touch will make its debut in March this year, with deliveries scheduled for June 2019. However, the new device will hit emerging markets like India and Brazil. Reports claim that the new iPod Touch may not be ready this year as Apple now focuses on other products. Sources claim that Apple will announce a new iPod Touch with smaller bezels and bigger storage space this year. Besides, the device will run iOS 12 at launch and include support for Apple Music. However, it will lack some features to keep the price in check.


Apart from the new iPod Touch, Apple will announce new iPhones this year. Rumors claim that the 2019 iPhones will feature USB-Type C ports. This adds up to previous reports saying that Apple has been working on integrating USB-C into its iPhone models in recent years. Besides, rumors say that Apple will announce a cheaper iPhone this year to target emerging markets.

Apple is reporting slow iPhone sales on the market. Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that there was weak demand for iPhones out there. However, the iPhone XS and XR remain popular in the US. Indeed, reports say that Apple dominated the US market in the third quarter of 2018. Besides, the Cupertino firm led the Chinese smartphone market in terms of revenue.

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