Apple reportedly uses modem chips from Samsung and MediaTek for future iPhones


Apple is seeing a slow iPhone sales performance on the market. The Cupertino firm is planning a lot of new things this year to boost its sales. Last month, Apple CEO, Tim Cook said that there was weak demand for iPhones on the market. However, Apple is still doing a good job in the US market as the iPhone XS and XR remain popular in the country. Sources say that the reason behind Apple’s success in the US is that carriers are now offering discounts and plans for Apple iPhones. However, Apple is expecting to sell more iPhones in China this year. Sources add that Apple will launch a cheaper iPhone to target emerging markets like India, Brazil, and China.

In reality, the iPhone XR is one of Apple’s strategic plans to boost its sales in emerging markets. However, it seems that the device failed to live up to expectations out there despite its perfect start. Apple is also dealing with iPhone sales ban in China and Germany after a legal battle with Qualcomm. Qualcomm was once Apple’s main supplier of modem chips, but Apple is now relying on Intel for modems. Reports claim that Apple will use modems from MediaTek and Samsung for future iPhone models. Sources say that Apple has been in talks with Samsung and MediaTek, but it remains unknown when the deal is sealed.


Samsung and Apple have been in a long-term partnership as the South Korean firm is providing hundreds of millions of OLED panels for iPhones. Besides, Apple will continue to source modem chips from Intel for its 2019 iPhones. Reports claim that Intel is speeding up production of modems to meet Apple’s huge demand. Apple iPhone remains popular in the US and Europe as the Cupertino firm is reporting strong sales. But, Apple is struggling to sell new iPhones in China as customers tend to stick with their old models.

Apple is also offering trade-in programs in selected markets. Indeed, users can grab a new iPhone XS or XR if they trade in an iPhone 7 Plus. 2019 iPhones are expected to see the light of day in September. Apple is believed to announce three new iPhones this year, one of which features premium components, just like the iPhone X.

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