Apple reportedly working on its own batteries


The poor battery life is common when it comes to Apple iPhones and iPads. Indeed, a lot of iPhone owners are reporting that their iPhone’s battery is running out rapidly even when their device remains inactive. In reality, Apple has been busy fixing iPhone’s battery life problems for years, but it seems that they still persist every time Apple releases new models.

Last year, Apple confirmed that the company was deliberately slowing down older iPhones to aging batteries. Apple’s move was met with negative reviews on the market. And the Cupertino firm added battery’s health feature to iOS 11.3 to recover customers’ trust out there. Specifically, there is a Battery section in the Settings app that details how much battery life you have got left or allows you to check if your battery needs to be replaced.

In reality, Apple has been sourcing batteries from a number of suppliers out there. However, sources say that the Cupertino firm has been working on its own batteries for future iPhones. Apple’s move aims to reduce its heavy dependence on third-party partners and allows it to control its hardware.


According to reports, Apple is gathering a team to work on the project. Besides, the Cupertino firm hired Soonho Ahn as its Global Head of Battery Development. It is also in talks with other battery suppliers out there so they can support Apple in the project. However, it remains unknown when we are seeing Apple-branded batteries. In reality, Apple has been working on its own components for its products. Sources say that Apple is developing its modem chips for future iPhones. The Cupertino firm is now relying on Intel for its modem chips following the legal battle with Qualcomm.

Specifically, the American chipmaker said that Apple had violated some of its patents. However, Apple denies all claims of patent infringement. Last month, a Chinese court ordered a ban on iPhone sales in China, but Apple dealt with the order and released a new software update to iPhones in the country. Sources say that Apple will set up a new facility in India to work on its components. Indeed, Apple has been trying to attract more users in India following negative Q2 results.

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