Apple reportedly working on its own cellular modems for future iPhones


Apple iPhone is one of the best smartphones out there. The Apple iPhone lineup has changed so much since the day one like a bigger screen, new hardware upgrade or new features. This year, Apple welcomed three new iPhones to the world, including iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR after months of anticipation. This year’s iPhones do not bring significant changes to the series, but they come with a number of things that have been demanded for years.

Apple has been sourcing components from other manufacturers out there. However, the Cupertino firm has been working on its own components in an attempt to reduce its dependence on partners. Reports say that Apple is developing its cellular modems for future iPhones. In reality, Apple is relying on Intel for its modem chips for iPhones after a legal battle with Qualcomm.


Apple and Qualcomm have been in an intense dispute after reports of contract breach. Qualcomm claimed that Apple would switch to Intel for modem chips. Sources say that Apple is looking for teams that work on the project, which adds up to previous rumors claiming that Apple is opening up new facilities in India which focus on cellular modems. Sources say that Intel will continue to supply Apple with modem chips until 2020. Intel has been working on exclusive chips for Apple devices at its facilities, but it remains unknown when we are seeing them. Rumors say that Apple will use Intel’s 5G modem chips in 2020 iPhones.

Last week, Qualcomm announced the new Snapdragon 855 chips that include support for 5G technology. The new chip is expected to power a wide range of flagship phones in 2019. Sources say that the 2019 iPhone lineup will include 5G support at launch. Earlier this week, rumors claim that the next year’s iPhones will not come with a new design. Instead, Apple will focus on hardware updates. Specifically, the new iPhones will feature the A13 chip and 8GB of RAM. Besides, there will be the second generation iPhone XR next year. In reality, the XR is the best-selling iPhone model on the market, which gives Apple a driving reason to work on the successor.

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