Apple to shut down Apple Music Connect


Apple Music is one of the best music-streaming services on the market. Apple has been busy improving its music-streaming service since release in an attempt to take on Spotify. Apple Music has seen a steady growth out there as it surpassed 10 million paying subscribers after 6 months of availability, while it took Spotify over six years to reach.

Apple is adding new features and changes to its music-streaming service in order to bring a better user experience to subscribers. Apple announced that the company will shut down its Apple Music Connect in the future. For some background, Apple Music Connect is a social platform that allows artists to post their tracks to their own pages. In reality, Apple Music includes a redesigned Artist Page that allows users to track their favorite artists.


In reality, this is not the first time we are seeing Apple remove a feature from its service. In 2012, the Cupertino firm shut down its social network called Ping as it had failed to live up to expectations. Ping made its debut in 2010 and served as a social network for music, allowing iPhone and iPad owners to share their favorite music tracks. However, Ping received mostly negative reviews from users and experts at launch, which forced Apple to shut down the service.

Apple says that the company will make some changes to its Apple Music with new features and redesigned user interface. Apple is helping artists better connect with their fans out there. Apple Music subscribers now can check schedules so they won’t miss any important shows. Last week, Apple announced that its music-streaming service would come to Amazon Echo. From now on, users can stream their music from Apple Music through Amazon Echo smart speaker. Apple says that Apple Music subscribers need to link the service with their Amazon account in Alexa app for iPhone. The coolest part is that users will be able to use Alexa voice commands to control their music playback.

Apple’s move aims to bring Apple Music closer to users worldwide. However, Apple and Amazon have been in an intense competition on the smart speaker market. Apple Music is expected to hit more markets later this year.

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