Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus set for release on September 21


Apple’s annual iPhone event is just around the corner. The Cupertino firm is expected to announce three new iPhone models at its event, including an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus, and iPhone 9. Apple recently confirmed that the event will take place on September 12. That’s the same date with the last year’s event.

However, it remains unknown when Apple released its new iPhones to the public. Last year, the Cupertino firm launched the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus on September 22, ten days following the unveiling event. However, the iPhone X release was pushed to November due to supply issues.

According to sources, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus will not be ready until September 21, which means one day earlier than the last year’s models. Reports claim that pre-orders for the phones will go live shortly after the keynote event.

Sources claim that Apple is rushing to beat out the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 this year. Besides, the Cupertino firm is speeding up production to meet the huge demand for its iPhone models. Last year, Samsung Display, Apple’s long-term OLED provider, was struggling to manufacture display panels for Apple iPhone models.

Rumors regarding Apple’s new iPhones have been out there for months. Sources claim that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus will feature the second generation Face ID at launch. For some background, Face ID is Apple’s new security measure that allows you to unlock your phone with a simple glance. However, the feature is exclusive to the iPhone X.

According to reliable sources, the cheaper iPhone model will be available for purchase in October. The reason behind this delay is that Apple needs more time to work on the device. Tech experts claim that Apple will discontinue the iPhone X to pave the way for the new iPhone release.

Tech watchers claim that Apple does not have enough sources to work on multiple OLED-enabled iPhone models at the same time. In reality, the company has been looking for suppliers of components for its iPhone models in recent years. Last month, sources claimed that LG Display will be providing Apple with LCD panels for future iPhone models.

Apple’s September event is one of the biggest tech events in the world. Apple is expected to announce the new MacBook Pro models and iPad Pro this year.

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