Bixby 2.0 is coming to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 this year


Bixby is one of the best virtual helpers out there. Samsung has been working on improving its personal helper since the launch day to offer a better user experience. The South Korean firm is regularly adding new features and skills to its helper to take on Apple Siri and Amazon Echo.

Last year, Bixby officially made its debut on the market, but Samsung’s virtual helper did not have a good start, as it was not fully ready at launch. Samsung then fixed the issue and launched the full version of Bixby for Galaxy S8 owners.

Bixby has been through several software updates to improve performance. However, it seems that Samsung will discontinue the first generation Bixby and launch its successor this year. In reality, rumors regarding the second generation Bixby have been circulating around for months. Earlier this year, the South Korean firm claimed that Bixby 2.0 will make its debut alongside the next Galaxy Note.

Tech experts say that the second generation Bixby might arrive with the current Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus this year. Sources say that users will be able to get Bixby 2.0 via big software updates this year. Tech experts say that Samsung is planning to create an extensive ecosystem that includes support for Bixby. Samsung’s Bixby now works with very limited devices, but Bixby will arrive with more handsets next year.

The Galaxy Note 9 is among the most anticipated flagship phones out there. The phone will be Samsung’s main focus to compete directly with Apple’s 2018 iPhone models. Last year, the Note 8 was met a lot of positive reviews, with praise directed at its exciting features and premium design. The Note 8 was Samsung’s plan to recover its damaged reputation following the Note 7 fiasco.

Earlier this year, Samsung unveiled two flagship phones, Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Both devices offer huge improvements over their predecessors. However, Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus sales performance have seen a slow pace since the launch day. It seems that Samsung needs something new to boost S9 and S9 Plus sales this year. And, the Note 9 is expected to change that.

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