Facebook Messenger expands translation feature to all users in the US and Mexico

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the world’s biggest social network, with nearly 2 billion users worldwide. Facebook is not just about uploading posts or commenting. The company is still expanding its business to attract more users. Facebook now owns a number of companies like Instagram, or WhatsApp.

Instagram is now the number one photo-sharing platform in the world with more than 700 million monthly active users. WhatsApp is the top priority when it comes to messaging services, with more than one billion users.

Facebook has been improving its own services in recent years to provide a smooth and fast performance. The Messenger ranks among the best messaging apps on the market. Facebook-owned service has hundreds of millions of active users per day, and the company is still adding new features on a semi-regular basis.

With the Messenger app, you can do a lot more things besides sending and receiving text messages. You can insert emoji, send photos and short videos, and play some games. Facebook recently added the ability to translate between languages. This comes in handy for those who want to translate foreign texts into their desired languages directly within the app.

At launch, the translation feature was designed for buyers and sellers in the US, allowing them to translate between English and Spanish. Apple just expanded the feature to all users in the US and Mexico. From now on, users will be able to translate texts between Spanish and English. They will get a pop-up menu asking to translate between two languages.

Sources say that Facebook is planning to add support for more languages in the coming months. However, it remains unknown when this happens. Reports say that Facebook will add more features and skills to the Messenger.

Tech experts say that the Messenger app will attract more users this year, thanks to Facebook’s endless efforts to improve it. Sources say that Instagram will soon reach one billion users worldwide, helping it stand in line with WhatsApp and Messenger.

Facebook is facing a lot of competition worldwide. Snapchat is trying to close the gap by adding new features and skills. Twitter is also working on an innovative feature that’s set for release in 2019.

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