Five Must-Have Recipe iPhone Apps

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There are many apps available out there that are compatible with unlocked iPhones and it’s hard to choose just one. With the Internet overflowing with cooking pages and thousands of recipes readily available to you, sometimes it can be hard to make a decision. But rest easy – with these great recipe apps, which can be used on iPhones and iPads, beginners and professionals alike will never have to fret over what to cook again.


  1. Tender is Tinder for recipes. Sort through recipes quickly and easily saving the ones that sound good to you. You get a wide range of images of meals sourced from different sites. Swipe right to save and left to move on.


  1. Food Network in the Kitchen allows you to make recipes from celebrity chefs. You can view thousands of recipes and new ones are added every month. Search by ingredient or season and create shopping lists and use converters and timers.


  1. Appetites is a paid app but it features clear, detailed video cooking classes. They are designed for easy learning with step-by-step instructions. It comes with a variety of recipes and more are available to you through purchase.


  1. BigOven has more than 250,000 recipes available that are searchable by keyword or ingredient. It includes great recipe management features. With the leftovers feature you can enter up to 10 ingredients that you have in your pantry and the app will suggest recipes for you. Along with menu planning, shopping lists and other ways to help you organise.


  1. Weber’s on the Grill is for you if you are all about grilling. There are more than 300 recipes that are available to you including rubs, marinades and sauces. Take your pick from starters, main dishes and desserts. Learn grill skills with a variety of grilling techniques and tips with grilling videos and a timer.


Whether you are preparing a daily meal for your family or prepping for a large party, there are many, many apps out there where you can find a fair share of recipes and other features to make your meals go off without a hitch. Visit these 5 apps and begin your meal prep.

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