Google Maps gets new Explore tab and For You section

Google Maps

Google Maps is the number one mapping service on the market. Google has been improving its service since the day one to attract more users. Google Maps tends to get better and better every time the company releases a new software update. At this year’s I/O event, Google released new features and changes to its mapping service to add up to a better user experience.

For some background, Google I/O is Google’s annual developer conference where the company is expected to show off new technology and features for its products. This year’s event officially kicked off on May 8 and will run through May 10.

Google released a number of updates to Google Maps. Google’s move aims to make finding restaurants and other activities much easier with Google Maps. One of the biggest additions to Google Maps lies in a new Explore section. The section is specifically designed to show nearby restaurants and activities. This comes in handy for those who frequently travel to unfamiliar locations.

Google Maps will also show a list of all exciting spots around you based on people’s reviews. Another feature is Match system. As the name implies, the feature helps you decide which place is right for you. For example, if you select a place on the map, the Maps will decide whether the place is for you based on your food/drink preferences you provided.

Besides, you will be able to share your place with your friends. At the event, Google also unveiled a new For You tab in Google Maps. The new tab houses everything that may attract you. In reality, For You feature is not something new out there, as it has been around in big social networks like Instagram.

At this year’s event, Google also adds new features and skills to its virtual helper, Assistant. The Assistant now includes the Continued Conversations feature that keeps your conversations flowing. The Assistant now works better with third-party apps, allowing for more options to interact with apps.

The event will conclude on May 10, meaning that we are now so close. Google will be unveiling more updates to its products in the final hours of the event.

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