Here are three best free navigation apps for your iPhone


When it comes to navigation tool, Apple Maps is nearly the first thing that pops into people’s mind. Indeed, there are many other maps apps which offer the same features as Apple Maps and even more. Check out these helpful and free apps below:

Waze app

This app is able to collect users’ information so as to provide them with the fastest route based on real time traffic conditions, road construction, accidents and more. Users can post anything happening on their route, and the app then will automatically suggest them the nearest route possible. If your car stops working, the app also provides a lot of coupons and discounts for restaurant near you. The only small problem of Waze is that if users travel a very long way, it can lag, as it’s continuously looking for the fastest route.

Google Maps 

This app is very easy to use and effective. Similarly to Waze, Google Maps also has real time updates feature, however the route suggestions are rather limited. When it comes to identifying the fastest routes, Google maps is just a bit less effective than Waze but the app is better for long drives.

Transit app

If you are one of those who frequently ride subways or other means of public transportation, Transit will be absolutely a perfect choice. It gives you clear instructions on how to travel from one place to another using any mode of public transportation. In detail, it provides the detailed information of  departures and suggests different routes. To those who don’t get used to the subways in city, Transit makes it easier for them.

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