Here’s why 2018 iPad Pro is not a MacBook replacement


Apple iPad Pro is one of the most powerful tablets on the market. Apple Pro lineup is specifically designed to replace the traditional laptops and PCs. Last month, the Cupertino firm announced a new iPad Pro as its latest attempt to achieve that goal. The new iPad Pro acts as a significant upgrade over its predecessors thanks to its under-the-hood improvements and a redesigned look.

Sources say that the new iPad Pro serves as an alternative to Apple MacBook on the market. However, Apple still has a lot of work to do to make it possible. What makes this year’s iPad Pro stand out lies in its A12X Bionic chip, the most powerful processor ever made for a mobile device. According to early testers, Apple’s new iPad Pro was even faster than some mid-range laptops on the market. However, there is still a huge gap between a tablet and a Pro laptop.

If you are planning to buy a 2018 iPad Pro as an alternative to your old MacBook Pro, then make sure you read on to find out more. In the section below, we have created a list of the top reason why 2018 iPad Pro is not a MacBook alternative. For some background, Apple’s new iPad Pro is now available worldwide following the unveiling event. However, the new tablet is not cheap out there it starts at $799 for the Wi-Fi only model.

  1. iPad Pro is your best sidekick

The new iPad Pro is made for those who are looking for a powerful tablet. Indeed, the new tablet offers enough power to handle every task you throw at it, ranging from editing photos to playing heavy-graphics games. With Apple Pencil support, you can take notes, stretch your ideas or customize your photos. Apple Pencil is now smarter and better than before, making your daily tasks much easier.

However, if you are an experienced photographer or artist, then a MacBook Pro should be a better choice. Indeed, the MacBook Pro is among the most powerful laptops on the market and receives upgrades on an annual basis. This year, Apple finally added 8th gen Intel’s Coffee Lake processor to its Pro lineup, offering four times more power than its predecessors. Besides, the new MacBook Pro delivers an exceptional desktop experience, something you cannot find on a tablet. Therefore, we recommend you use your iPad Pro as a secondary device. Indeed, there are tons of exclusive third-party apps in iOS that help you spice up your photos or videos so you can export them on Mac for more editing tasks.

  1. Safari websites may not work in iOS

Safari is Apple’s own web browsing platform that comes pre-installed on its devices. Basically, iOS Safari behaves the same way as it does in macOS, allowing you to quickly browse webs or watch videos. However, not all websites work the same. In reality, some websites like WordPress backend do not work on iOS Safari, which is a little bit disappointing.


If your favorite websites don’t just work on mobile Safari, then make sure you switch to macOS. Besides, iOS Safari does not support extensions, which means that you are stuck with what Apple provides. Moreover, simple tasks like copying and pasting, or adding bookmarks require 2-3 taps on your iPad Pro.

  1. You cannot change your default apps on iPad

The new iPad Pro comes pre-loaded with a lot of Apple’s built-in apps. However, some of them are not worth your time or you never use them. That’s why you want to switch to a third-party for more features and better user experience. In reality, you cannot change Apple’s default apps on your new iPad Pro, which is super annoying. For instance, you cannot change your default web browser or mail client to your favorite services. Every time you open a link, it will show up in your default web browser.


Besides, there are some iOS apps that don’t make the cut on iOS like Final Cut X, Photoshop, or GIMP. In reality, you can find tons of similar apps in the iOS App Store, but most of them are limited in functionality.

  1. No external storage on iPad

This year’s iPad Pro offers up to 512GB of internal storage, which ideal for storing photos, videos, or films. However, you cannot connect your iPad to an external device for storage expansion, which is a little bit frustrating. In reality, Apple iPad does feature a USB-C port, but you cannot use it to attach an external device to your tablet.


Another frustrating thing is that multitasking is limited in functionality on the iPad. Indeed, the screen on the new iPad Pro is a great tool for multitasking mode, but you cannot customize the layout, something you can do on your Mac.

These are 4 reasons 2018 iPad Pro is not an ideal MacBook alternative. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on which devices you want to stick with in the comments below.

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