How to find out if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced


Apple has recently confirmed that the company is slowing down old iPhone models, but for good reason. According to the Cupertino company, the idea behind this lies in the fact that old iPhone models with battery issues may cause random shutdown. Apple’s move aims to keep iPhone performance stable at all times.

Apple’s confirmation raises concerns among the iPhone using community, leaving users questioning the ability to deal with the situation. Apple is fully aware of that and the company has begun taking actions to address customer concerns.

The Cupertino company has just decided to lower the cost of out-of-warranty iPhone batteries from $79 to $29. If you now have an older iPhone model, this article helps you check if your battery needs to be replaced. Before we begin, note that Apple battery replacement program will run from late January to December 2018.

How to find out if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced

Step one: Launch the Settings app from your home screen and then hit Battery

Step two: Once you are in, if you see the message saying “Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced”, then you are now having issues with your battery. If you see nothing, this means your battery is still fine.

  • If you see that message, the best shot now is to bring your device to a local Apple Store to get support. If your device is still under warranty or you have AppleCare+, Apple will replace your battery for free.

If you are looking for a third-party app that allows you to check iPhone battery health, we recommend you download and install coconutBattery app.

Step one: Connect your iPhone to Mac and then download coconutBattery app

Step two: Launch the app on your Mac and then make sure you select the iOS device tab

Step three: Once you are in, you should see almost everything about iPhone like manufacture date, iOS version, model and current charge.

You can also download the Battery Life app to check if your battery needs to be replaced. You can get the app from the App Store for free.

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