How to Fix “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” Error


When your iOS device is connected to the internet; that also means iTunes Store is connected. However there are many times when you see iTunes Store shows a “cannot connect” error. The cause might be from slow internet connection or an inconsistent, and then iTunes can’t reach the Apple servers.

However, if the issue gets very often and makes you annoyed, you will need to seek an alternate to get rid of the annoyance. In this post, we will help you to do that, fix “cannot connect to iTunes store” error

How to Fix Cannot connect to iTunes Store iPhone Error

  1. Check the internet connection

iTunes Store needs the internet connectivity to work, so you should connect to Wi-Fi to ensure downloading something from the iTunes Store. So you should put your device close to the Wi-Fi router for better connectivity and internet speed. You can also contact your network administrator in case you need access.

  1. Reboot Network Modem or Router

If your device has been permitted to access the network and have used the same network before; then you could restart your modem or router for the internet connection. Once restarted, the ISPs will reset their machines to resolve conflicts and settings like IP and DNS. Restarting your network is an easy way to help you fix the “cannot connect to iTunes store” error on your device. In case it has not been fixed yet, then move to the next methods.

  1. Set Date & Time properly

Without setting correct date & time, your device wouldn’t be able to access internet at ease. Though the solution is not new anymore, but you still should keep your handset set to the local time. To change the date& time, go to Settings > General > Date & Time and toggle the Set Automatically to On. Then, re-open iTunes Store and check whether it works now.

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  1. Log Out & Log Back In from App Store


Another solution to fix “cannot connect to iTunes store” error is that simply log out and log back in to App Store. To do that, go to Settings > App & iTunes Stores, tap on your Apple ID and Sign Out. Now enter your Apple ID and password to log in again.

  1. Update Software

A last resort to fix this error is updating your iPhone/iPad to the latest iOS version. You can do it over OTA by going to Settings> General> Software Update then check for update or using iTunes installed on your computer to make a restore.

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