How to Protect Your Kids with Extra Email Privacy


Are you anxious about your child’s getting online and scared of other people who may send bad contents to your child’s email address? Check out some simple advice below to better protect your sons or daughters.

The matter of obscure email

In case you want to keep your children completely stay away from online issues, the only way is to ban them from using Internet. However, the drawbacks of this method seem to outweigh its benefits, especially in the Information Age. Therefore, we should consider effective solutions rather than saying no internet access. Facing negative influences, apart from taking advices from Parental Control articles, parents on taking into another method, which is simple character swapping for their usernames.

About Simple Character Swapping

This can be considered as an alphabet code. We’ve swapped vowels for the same looking numbers, which will be easier for kids to remember. Here are some examples:

  • 4 means A
  • 3 means E
  • 1 means I
  • 0 means O
  • 7 means U

For instance, if you’re creating a new email account for your child names Emma Smith, you can enter the username as 3mm4 Sm1th. Despite weird look, the using character swap is not difficult to remember at all.

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The help of character swapping

Character swapping is an additional layer of privacy and protection. In case an email name is guessed easily, some people may send unexpected mail to this address. Additionally, spambots frequently mention name of the account owner in headers so as to make your children click on a link or open a file like it is directly related to the account user. For example, an email begins with “Dear Emma Smith”, then she will be easily cheated to think that this email is written for her, it will be extremely dangerous when the attached link contains virus or even worse. Otherwise, an email with “Dear 3mm4 Sm1th” is easier to identify as faker. Besides, it can also require your child to read their email address exactly which ensures he or she actively knows who or where has your email.

Lastly, with an email’s name being swapped will certainly prevent user from receiving mistaken emails since it has a high level of security and complication.

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