How to turn off Siri Suggestions in iOS 12


Apple Siri is among the best personal assistants on the market. Apple has been improving Siri since the day one, adding more features and skills to its virtual helper. Apple is facing a lot of competition in the market. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are getting better every year, while Samsung Bixby has started to gain its popularity among users and tech experts worldwide.

With iOS 12, Apple Siri receives a lot of new things. One such thing lies in Siri Suggestions. With Siri Suggestions, your personal helper now can help you do more things, like adding a new appointment to your calendar, ordering a Starbuck coffee, or calling someone back when you have missed them.

While Siri Suggestions are a great addition to iOS 12, one major drawback is the issue of privacy. By default, Siri will display your information like phone calls, messages, or notifications on the lock screen. And everyone can see those details. Apple is fully aware of that and it allows you to disable Siri Suggestions.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps on how to turn off Siri Suggestions on your iPhone. Before proceeding, make sure you now have the public beta of iOS 12 on your iPhone. Keep in mind that iOS 12 is still in beta stages so it may come with bugs and errors.

How to turn off Siri Suggestions on the lock screen in iOS 12

Step one: First off, open the Settings app from your home screen and then select Siri & Search

Step two: Once you are in, make sure you turn off the switch for Suggestions for Lock Screen. Once you do that, you will no longer see Siri Suggestions on your lock screen. If you change your mind, then make sure you turn the switch back on.

How to turn off Siri Suggestions for specific apps

Siri will display new notifications from certain apps on your phone. If you don’t want to completely disable Siri Suggestion’s, then you can disable it for individual apps. Here is how.

Step one: Open the Settings app on your phone. Scroll down a little bit and tap Siri & Search

Step two: Once you are in, you will see a list of apps you have enabled Siri Suggestions for

Step three: Turn off the switch for Search, Suggestions & Shortcuts.

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