Jailbreaking Your iPhone or Official Unlock?

Woman holding new generation mobile phone in cafeWoman holding new generation mobile phone in cafe

When faced with the decision of unlocking your iPhone, you might find you have two choices: jailbreaking or officially unlocking your iPhone using a factory unlock. What is better for your wants and needs? Whilst jailbreaking is free, there can be complications.

With Official iPhone Unlock, we can guarantee a legitimate factory unlock by using your IMEI number and iTunes. So should you jailbreak your iPhone or factory unlock it? With the information provided below you can make an informed decision.

What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking your device changes the iPhone software to remove any limitations placed by Apple. Simply put, when you jailbreak your iPhone, you are allowed to use applications that are not unavailable through the App Store.

Problems with jailbreaking?

So is jailbreaking your iPhone good or bad? First off, when you jailbreak your iPhone you forfeit your phone’s warranty. If something were to go wrong when jailbreaking your iPhone, Apple is unlikely to be sympathetic as they deem this act illegal. At times, updates aren’t available for a jailbroken phone. It’s possible that your iPhone may crash more often.

Official iPhone Unlock

Unlocking your iPhone is the process of removing restrictions and freeing up your phone to be used without any wireless network. Typically, when you purchase your iPhone, you purchase it through your carrier with a 2-year contract. When this contract is finished, you can officially unlock your phone to be used with the network of your choice.

Official iPhone Unlock provides an official, permanent, Apple unlock that removes network restrictions. You will be able to use your handset worldwide. Because this is a legitimate unlock using your IMEI number and iTunes, you can safely update your operating system with no complications or issues. You can enjoy your iPhone, unlocked and free, to roam just like you.

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