Know How You Can Clear Space On iPhone Without Erasing Images


free-up-space-iphoneStorage Almost Full” is the notification that every iOS users hate. But that does not means you have to delete images on your iPhone to free up the space. You can just follow these solutions below to get rid of “Storage Almost Full” notification without needing to delete even 1 photo.


  1. Remove Unnecessary Apps

Deleting apps can free up a lot of space but you rarely do that. Go to Settings > Manage Tabs and take a look from top to bottom which apps take most space, and then erase unnecessary apps. See if you don’t use Snapchat or Instagram, uninstall it to get more space.

  1. Stop “My Photo Stream” Use

Recent photos will automatically be added to My Photo Stream album if My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library are activated on your device. Photos will be stored for a month. So if you don’t sync photos from your iPhone to PC, you should deactivate this feature. Remember to save any photos before switching off the feature.

  1. Remove Old Texts

Another simple solution to free up space your iPhone is reconfiguring the settings of your Messages. Head to Settings > Messages and reset Keep Messages to a month. Once you choose this option, and then messages older than 30 days will automatically be removed from your device.

  1. Clear Browser Cache to Free Up Space

To do so, head to Settings > Safari (or your browser) > Clear History and Website data to clear the cache. It will take some time for websites to reload, but you’ll get more free space on your iPhone. Alternatively, you can use private browsing to prevent caching for your browser.

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  1. Keep Single Image after Activating HDR Mode

HDR on iPhone helps to balance the highlights and shadows of an image to get the best quality. Therefore, there’s no reason to keep low quality images, you need to switch off “Keep Normal Photo” and just go with HDR. To do this, go to Settings > Photos & Camera > toggle Keep Normal Photo off. Then, you will see more free space on your device.

  1. Switch off Automatic App Updates

Updating apps can drain battery, data as well as eat up a lot of your space, so it is better to turn it off by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store and switch off Automatic Updates.

These are some popular ways to clear space on iPhone without deleting images. Do you feel it useful? Feel free to leave comments

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