Know How You Can Use iTunes Wi-Fi Sync with iPhone/ iPad


wi-fi-assist-iphoneDo you know that your iPhone and iPad can sync via Wi-Fi just by setting up iTunes? Then, every time when you’re on the same network, your movies, TV shows, tunes, and songs will all be synced up, so you won’t have to waste time to plug your device in and miss out on a text, any tweet, or snap. Here’s how you can use iTunes Wi-Fi to sync with your iPhone/iPad

How to enable iTunes Wi-Fi Sync in iTunes

Before going to sync, you first need to enable Wi-Fi sync in iTunes on your computer. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.

  1. Plug your iPhone/ iPadinto your computer using a lightening cable. You’ll need a wired connection to start syncing wirelessly
  2. Launch iTuneson your computer.
  3. Click on your iPhone/iPadbutton near the top of the screen. You might have to click on the name of your iPhone/ iPad in the menu on the left as well.
  4. Under Options tab, click on the checkboxnext to Sync with this (iPhone /iPad) over Wi-Fi.
  5. Click on Apply near the bottom right.
  6. Eject your iPhone/iPad by clicking on the eject button (a triangle with a line under it) near the top left of the window.

Once you’re set up to sync via Wi-Fi, the only thing left to do is just activating things on your iPhone/ iPad.

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How to sync with iTunes via Wi-Fi on iPhone/ iPad

Once everything is enabled in iTunes, switch on your iPhone/ iPad to have the process done.

  1. Launch Settingsfrom your Home screen.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Scroll down and select iTunes Wi-Fi Sync.
  4. Tap on Sync Now.
  5. Once you begin the process, the button will change to “Cancel Now“, and you’ll see a status appearing beneath it. You’ll then be noticed when it’s complete!

That’s all you have to do. One thing you should note that whenever you want to sync, your computer and iPhone/ iPad must be on the same Wi-Fi network.


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