LG V30s ThinQ is now available in the US

LG V30s ThinQ

At this year’s CES event, LG officially announced the V30S ThinQ following months of rumors and speculation. The new flagship phone serves as LG’s strategic move this year and is expected to boost the company’s smartphone sales performance. The V30s ThinQ is not a huge upgrade over the V30 phone. However, there are still a lot of things that encourage users to upgrade this year.

At the unveiling event, LG did not specify when the device would hit store shelves. However, earlier this month, the pre-order for the device was officially online following the launch event back in February. However, the release date was still unknown. According to LG, users could pre-order the device via B&H in the US for a staggering $930.

If you are looking to grab the device at physical retail stores, then today is the day. The LG V30s ThinQ is now available in stores in the US two weeks after pre-order went online. According to LG, the new device will be available in two colors including Matte Moroccan Blue, and Glossy Moroccan Blue.

LG says that the device will be available through B&H, one of the biggest retailers in the US. Besides, the new phone will work on most US carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

However, it remains unclear when LG launches the device to other markets this year. Tech experts say that the company is preparing for a wider rollout of the device later this year. If this is the case, the V30s ThinQ will be the hottest item during this year’s holiday shopping season.

Last year, the South Korean firm released the V30. The device was met with mostly positive reviews from users worldwide. With the launch of the V30S ThinQ, you can grab the V30 for a more affordable price.

The V30s ThinQ will compete directly with Apple’s upcoming iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Tech experts say that LG will be struggling to compete with other rivals due to the V30s featuring a small upgrade over its predecessor.

LG is expected to release a new flagship phone this year. However, it remains unclear when the device hits the market. Let’s wait and see.

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