Next Apple Watch reportedly comes with sleep tracking feature

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is one of the most desired smartwatches on the market. Last year, Apple unveiled the 4th generation Apple Watch at its September event with a slew of improvements. The Apple Watch Series 4 sports a bigger screen, new hardware, a revamped digital crown, and new health features. The new watch is expected to help Apple retain its number one position in the smartwatch industry. However, the Apple Watch still lacks a few important features, which prevents it from getting the perfect score. One such feature is sleep tracking. In reality, smartwatches with sleep tracking feature are not new as Apple Watch’s rivals like Fitbit have sleep tracking in their wearables.

It seems that Apple does not want to get left behind in the fight. Sources say that Apple has been working on its own sleep tracking functionality for months. If the test goes well, it will add the feature to its future smartwatches. However, it remains unknown when it is possible. Reports claim that 2020 Apple Watch models will feature a sleep tracker at launch, allowing users to get a detailed picture of their sleep. Sleep tracking is something that’s been demanded among Apple Watch fans for years, but it is still nowhere to be found out there.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 was previously rumored to feature a sleep tracker, but there was no mention of it at the launch event. Apple is expecting to hold an event this year where it will announce Series 5. Rumors regarding the next generation Apple Watch have been out there recently, hinting that the next watch will feature a new design and focus on health and fitness features.

Apart from Apple Watch, we are expecting to see new iPhones in September and a new MacBook Pro in June. Last year, Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro lineup with new hardware and improved design, but it was met with negative reviews out there due to lack of innovation. Sources say that the new MacBook Pro will come with a new design, new hardware, and better support for third-party apps. Besides, we are also want to see a new MacBook Air at WWDC event in June.

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