Rumors say 2019 iPhone models will come with triple camera setup


Apple iPhone is an amazing phone on the market. Apple’s mighty iPhones are getting better and better every year, thanks to the company’s endless efforts to improve it. Apple is shipping millions of iPhone units every quarter, helping the company grab the number one position in the first quarter of 2018.

New iPhone models will make their debut in September 2018. Rumors regarding this year’s iPhones have been out there for months, hinting at the exciting features coming in devices. While 2018 iPhone models won’t be unveiled until this September, reports about 2019 models have made their way to the internet.

According to reports, Apple may launch an iPhone with a triple camera setup. If this is the case, it will mark the first iPhone model to come with that camera setup. Back in 2016, Apple announced the iPhone 7 Plus with a dual camera setup following months of rumors and speculation. A dual camera setup helps greatly improve picture quality, which comes in handy in low-light conditions.

In reality, triple camera setup is not something new out there, as it has been an essential part of the Huawei P20 Pro for months. With the P20 Pro, the Chinese firm baked a 40MP 1/17-inch sensor and two cameras on the back, allowing users to zoom in without losing image quality.

Tech experts say that Samsung will adopt a triple camera setup for its next-generation Galaxy S in 2019. And, Apple does not want to get left behind in the fight. If this is the case, 2019 iPhone models will feature 3x optical zoom, allowing for better picture quality.

Apple iPhone has long been named as one of the best camera phones on the market. iPhone X offers stunning photos thanks to its amazing camera setup. This year’s iPhone models are expected to come with a much-improved camera, offering beautiful photos. Last month, rumors claimed that 2018 iPhones may launch with a new camera technology. The Cupertino company is believed to launch three iPhone models, including a 6.5-inch model. The 6.5-inch model will replace the iPhone X on the market. This means that the device may carry a $1000 price tag at launch.

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