Samsung rolls out Android Oreo update to mid-range phones


Android Oreo is the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. In August 2017, Google officially announced the final build of Android Oreo following months of beta testing. Android Oreo brings in a slew of improvements over its predecessors like new emojis, picture-in-picture, widgets, new settings menu and many more.

It’s been nearly one year since Android Oreo was released to the public. And Google’s new mobile operating system now powers a wide range of smartphones out there. Big names like Samsung, Sony, or LG are bringing Android Oreo to its flagship phones, which raises concerns among users about the ability to get the update on mid-range phones.

Sources claim that the company’s mid-range phones will get the Android Oreo update, but it remains unknown when the update comes out. Rumors say that Samsung’s phones like Galaxy J7 Neo, Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy A9 Pro, or Samsung Galaxy J7 will get the update later this year.

Some leaked photos show a list of Samsung’s mid-range phones that will receive Android Oreo update, including Samsung Galaxy J7 Max and Samsung Galaxy J7. The best part is that many of those mid-range phones were released two years ago.

Back in February 2018, Samsung rolled out the Android Oreo update for the Exynos Samsung S8 and S8 Plus after months of beta testing. The Android Oreo update adds a lot of new things to Samsung’s premium phones.

Samsung is expected to launch its next Galaxy Note device at its Unpacked event on August 9. The upcoming Galaxy Note 9 is rumored to feature tons of new things like an under-display fingerprint scanner, a much-improved display, and new cameras. However, the device will retain the same design from the current Galaxy Note 8, meaning that we have a glass-back design. However, it remains unknown where Samsung will place the fingerprint scanner.

Earlier this year, Samsung repositioned the fingerprint scanner below the camera setup on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus to improve the user experience. Samsung needs something to boost its smartphone sales this year after reports of the slow sales performance of Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

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