Snapchat launches unskippable 6-second ads


Snapchat is one of the leading messaging services out there. The company has been working on improving its app for years to compete directly with Messenger and Instagram. Snapchat now has more than 185 million active users and the number’s set to grow in the coming months. The service is facing a lot of competition out there, which gives the company a driving reason to add new features.

Snapchat officially rolled out the six-second ads to users worldwide following months of endless rumors and reports. The messaging service was previously rumored to work on advertisement videos that users could not skip. Today, the six-second videos finally arrive, but only within Snapchat’s original shows.

According to Snapchat, the company’s six-second videos will show up in its original shows, with ads from big brands like Samsung and upcoming blockbusters like Tag and Deadpool 2. Snapchat says that the videos will not be appearing in Stories, one of the highlights of Snapchat.

Tech experts say that Snapchat’s move aims to get more profit this year. However, many users might find those videos annoying as they don’t actually mean something. It seems that the company is rushing with its new advertisement campaigns this year.

Snapchat is falling behind the Messenger and Instagram on the market. Instagram Stories now has more than 300 million active users, nearly double the size of Snapchat. It seems that Snapchat has a lot of work to do to overthrow Instagram Stories this year.

Snapchat recently released an update that brought back many of fan-favorite things. Specifically, the company redesigned the user interface, re-adopting the classic look we fell in love with in the past. One of biggest additions to Snapchat lies in a Subscriptions tab for users. As the name implies, the subscription tab serves as a perfect tool for users to follow their favorite creators and publishers out there.

Earlier this year, Snapchat launched an update that added a slight change to its Stories and messages section. Specifically, Stories and messages are now located on the left of the app, while paving the way for content from publishers and social stars.

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