Steps to hide apps on your iPhone

There are several reasons why users want to hide apps from their home screen, for instance apps containing private information, unused apps and more.  As a result, people have different ways for hiding apps, either using some jailbreak or existing features of your iOS device. Here are some methods for you to hide and find those hidden apps on your iPhone:

Steps to Hide Apps Using Folders on iPhone

On iPhone, with the support of 12 pages of apps within folders, users can easily hide their apps, and those can only be found by using the search tool. The most effective way to hide apps in a folder is to select all the apps that you don’t want to hide in the first pages. The tip we use here is to make a folder full of various apps and hide some apps among them. Here is how to do this:

  • At first, swipe left to access the pages you want to hide apps from the main Home screen.
  • Next, tap and hold an app until you see all your apps wiggle.
  • Then simply drag the apps you want to hide to your folder if there is an existing folders filled with apps or add more apps including the app want to hide
  • Otherwise, drag one of the wiggling apps you want to put in the position of another app. When the two overlap, there will be a new folder containing them.
  • So as to safely hide an app, you can add up to seven more apps so that the entire first page of your folder is filled with all apps.
  • Then drag some apps to the right so that a new page within the folder will be created.
  • As for this second page, you can fill it with other apps and hide just one or two apps in this page.

Steps to hide stock iPhone Apps

Finally, Apple allows users to hide stock Apple apps on device running iOS 10. Here is how:

Step 1: Tap and hold the app you want to hide until all your apps all wiggle

Step 2: Tap the X in the left corner

Please note that if you need to use any of these apps, go to the App Store to get them back.

Steps to find Hidden Apps on iPhone using Spotlight Search

Step 1: From any Home screen, swipe down from the middle of your screen

Step 2:  You will access Spotlight search

Step 3: Enter the name of the app you’re looking for

Step 4: If it’s available in your iPhone, it will pop up

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