Top iPad features you wish to see in iOS 13


Apple iOS is one of the most advanced operating systems out there. Apple has been improving iOS for years, adding new features and changes to the OS. iOS has been through tons of software updates and now powers hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad units on the market.

At this year’s WWDC event, Apple announced iOS 12, the next version of iOS following months of anticipation. iOS 12 is not a significant upgrade over its predecessors as it mainly focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes. However, there are still a lot of things that are worth the upgrade ranging from Screen Time and Group FaceTime calling to Grouped Notifications and Memoji

iOS 12 has been in hands of the community for two months, but we have started to hear a lot of rumors and speculation regarding iOS 13 coming out in 2019. In reality, iOS 12 has its own issues like app crashes, Bluetooth not working, or frozen keyboard. The upcoming iOS 13 is expected to fix those problems while adding new things to the OS.

In this article, we have compiled everything we wish to see in iOS 13. For some background, Apple has started rolling out iOS 12.1 to compatible devices. The new update brings back the highly-anticipated Group FaceTime calling feature and adds a slew of improvements to the OS. Head to Settings > General > Software Update and check for any available updates.

  1. Menu Bar

This year, Apple announced a huge refresh to its iPad Pro at its October event. The 2018 iPad Pro comes in two screen sizes and includes significant hardware improvements. What sets this year’s iPad Pro apart from its previous models lies in its improved design. Indeed, the new iPad Pro marks the biggest redesign ever made on an iPad in years, sporting smaller bezels and the removal of the home button.


The coolest part is that 2018 iPad Pro supports 4K and 5K external displays. This means that you can connect the tablet to your ASUS-branded monitor and do some editing tasks. While this comes in handy, one major drawback lies in UI limits. In reality, your iPad won’t support cursors or a menu bar, something we have already seen in macOS. The upcoming iOS 13 is expected to include a better support for external displays at launch. This makes sense seeing that the iPad Pro is designed to replace traditional PCs on the market.

  1. External touchscreen support

Apple iPad lineup with Apple Pencil support serves as a great tool for editing images or customizing screenshots. Sources say that the iPad Pro will include support for an external touchscreen, meaning that you can use your tablet as a portable computer. This adds up to previous rumors that Apple is working on a new touchscreen for its iPad Pro.

According to reliable sources, the Apple Pencil will get a huge improvement in iOS 13. In reality, Apple refreshed its advanced stylus at its October event, so it is smarter and faster, but the Apple Pencil still lacks some features that its competitors now have. Sources say that Apple will add Bluetooth connectivity to its stylus in 2019, making it a perfect remote control for your music and external devices. In reality, Samsung’s S-Pen is the first stylus with a Bluetooth radio, allowing users to quickly launch apps, control music, or capture photos. The second generation Apple Pencil was previously rumored to come with Bluetooth, but it was nowhere to be found at October event.

  1. F-keys support

One of the best things when it comes to the Apple iPad lineup is that you can connect your tablet to third-party cases and use it as a stand. In reality, Apple has its own cases for its iPad models called Smart Keyboard Folio.

With Smart Keyboard Folio, your iPad turns into a portable computer, which is ideal for work on the go. However, one major drawback is that the Smart Keyboard Folio lacks function keys. Apple seems to have something against traditional function keys, which is why it added Touch Bar to its MacBook Pro lineup.


For some background, Touch Bar is Apple’s multi-touch display that sits at the top of the keyboard and replaces function keys. This Retina display offers relevant controls depending on what apps you are using. However, Touch Bar is not everyone’s favorite as it takes some getting used to. In iOS 13, Apple is expected to add support for function keys to its iPad lineup. Specifically, we are expecting to see a built-in extra row of function keys which could be enabled with a simple tap.

  1. Pro apps for iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is specifically designed for pro users who are looking for a powerful tablet and innovative features. In reality, the iPad Pro supports a wide range of editing apps out there like GarageBand or iMovie.


However, we are expecting to see some pro apps like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro make their way into the iOS App Store. Sources say that Apple will announce the next-gen iPad Pro in 2019 with a significant hardware upgrade, so it’s a good idea to see more pro apps on the new tablet.

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