Twitter advises its users to change passwords after a glitch that recorded some in a log file

Twitter is one of the big names in the social network industry. The social network now has more than 300 million active users worldwide. One of the highlights of Twitter lies in its short messages dubbed Tweets. Last year, Twitter doubled the character limit for its tweets to 280, which was widely welcomed by users worldwide. Twitter’s move aims to help users express more things.

Twitter has long been criticized for being a land for abuse and misinformation. The company has been working on rectifying the situation in recent years. Last year, Twitter launched a campaign to combat abuse and sexual harassment in an attempt to offer a better user experience. Twitter claims that the company has banned thousands of accounts for months.

The social network is pretty reliable when it comes to security. Twitter has recently identified a bug that stored users’ passwords in plain text in a log file that’s accessible to the company’s employees. Twitter is fully aware of that and the company is telling its users to change their passwords.

The company recently issued an alert to its users worldwide, asking them to change their passwords in Twitter and on all services. Normally, Twitter stores users’ passwords on an internal service that is securely encrypted. However, the company found that passwords were exposed to its employees.

Twitter confirms that they have fixed the issue, but users still need to change their passwords to make sure your personal details are safe and sound. The company says that they are working on an update that prevents this bug from happening again.

Tech experts say that Twitter will release an update that includes a lot of bug fixes and security enhancements. Sources say that the glitch may prevent Twitter from being a safe social network on the market. Twitter was previously attracting a lot of users after reports of Facebook’s data misuse.

Twitter has been combatting abuse and discrimination for months. Back in April, the company released its rules to discourage abuse online. Twitter’s main rival, Facebook recently released a bunch of features at its annual F8 event. Facebook is trying to recover its reputation following Senate hearing over users’ privacy.

Twitter has been an intense competition with Facebook for years. Twitter has seen a steady growth in recent years, closing the gap with Facebook. Facebook is now having its upper hand over Twitter and other rivals, as it now has Instagram and WhatsApp, two of the most used social networks out there.

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