Use the Scriblit Jailbreak Tweak to draw anything on your iOS Screen


If you are looking for a tweak to draw on your iOS screen like Android devices, Scriblit is a new choice for you. The tweak will turn your iPhone/iPad display into a virtual drawing canvas, which allows you to annotate about anything you want.

With a slew of configuration options and tools, you can use Scriblit for many aims, like help someone out to playing with photos, but using it depends on your own creativity.

How to use Scriblit Jaiolbreak tweak

Scriblit is turned on or off along with an Activator action that is very convenient as you can access Activator from anywhere on your screen, from the Home screen, Lock screen, or even in an app.

When invoking the Activator gesture, you will see some new buttons appearing on your screen. The function of those buttons are:

  • X – close the Scriblit interface
  • Dot in circle – take a your scribbling screenshot
  • Pen/Eraser – toggle between the drawing tool and eraser tool
  • Outline list –change the color, alpha level, and line thickness

How to Configure Scriblit

Now it’s time to see how the tweak works by configuring the tweak. To do that, go to Settings → Scriblit after you install the tweak from Cydia


Here, you can enable or disable the whole tweak, choose an Activator action to use to invoke the tweak. You should use a gesture that works system-wide

A toggle switch dubbed Retain Settings to keeps all of your settings until you respring, will overwrite the settings you saved in the actual Scriblit interface once enabled.

You can also choose the default color when you fire up Scriblit, select the default alpha level and the default line thickness.

The values you see every time you open the Scriblit interface, you can still change them later from the Scriblit buttons, but if you change that, they will reset to the default settings when you close and re-open the tweak with Activator.

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A Respring button is also added to confirm all the changes you make. But you should keep in mind that it works for any other time you need to respring your device, and just not as you make changes to the Scriblit tweak.

If you want to try this tweak, you just have to pay for $1.50 to own it from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Make sure to let us know how it works in the comments below.

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