Xiaomi and Oppo reportedly working on their own foldable phones

Xiaomi and Oppo

Xiaomi and Oppo are among the biggest names in the Chinese smartphone market. Both smartphone firms are best known for their affordable phones with crazy specs. Xiaomi has been gradually expanding its presence in more markets out there, while Oppo is preparing for its move into the US market.

According to reports, Xiaomi and Oppo have been working on their own foldable phones. In reality, foldable phones are not something new out there, as we have already seen the similar devices from Samsung. Sources say that Huawei, the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, is opening up new facilities where it will manufacture its first foldable phones.

Some reliable sources claim that Samsung will release a new foldable phone next year. The device will be called Galaxy F and target emerging markets like India and China. Reports claim that Oppo is planning to open a new manufacturing facility in China to work on the project. However, it remains unknown when the production begins.

Rumors claim that LG and Motorola are also planning to release their own foldable phones next year. If this is the case, we are seeing an intense competition among manufacturers worldwide next year.

Both Xiaomi and Oppo are doing pretty well in the business. They have their own ground in the Chinese smartphone market. In the first quarter of the year, Xiaomi shipped more than 2 million smartphone units, while Oppo’s smartphone shipments hit 1.6 million units.

Last week, Xiaomi officially announced the Mi A2 and A2 Lite following months of rumors and speculation. The Mi A2 and A2 Lite were met with a warm welcome at the launch event. Both devices will hit global markets in early August.

Xiaomi has been working on a new smartphone that will make its debut next year. Sources say that the Chinese firm is shifting its focus on premium smartphone segment, just like Huawei or Oppo. The Chinese firms now dominate the mid-range smartphone segment. Xiaomi and Huawei are leading the Indian market with millions of smartphone units sold every quarter.

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